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Port Clinton, Ohio, Attorney
Divorce / Family Law • Personal Injury / Wrongful Death • Criminal Defense • Estate Planning  • Real Estate

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At the office of Michael W. Sandwisch, in Port Clinton, Ohio, I have over 35 years of experience representing clients in a broad array of legal matters including divorce proceedings, personal injury cases, criminal law, real estate dealings, and estate planning. I have defended clients against serious felony charges such as rape, kidnapping, attempted murder and drug offenses. If you need an experienced attorney whose experience gets meaningful results, please contact me at my Port Clinton office.

Many of my clients come to me as referrals from other lawyers. I take many cases that other law firms are simply not equipped to pursue to favorable conclusion. A large number of my clients also come to me through client referrals. I know that when people find that they have no alternative but to pursue a court-ordered remedy, they have a problem that requires a qualified professional to help them find a solution. That’s why they hire me.

I also assist clients in obtaining fair and reasonable compensation for their injuries and damages related to personal injury and wrongful death cases. My clients come to me because they have a problem and need an experienced lawyer to represent their interests, and understand their problem. It is personal to them, and it is personal to me.

I represent clients in all stages of divorce. I will handle all aspects of your divorce, from the initial filing to any post-judgment modifications, including spousal support, custody, child support, and property and debt divisions. Often, the judicial process only leads to more emotional turmoil; with my assistance, you can begin the healing process.

In real estate transactions, I represent my client’s interests through residential or commercial sale / purchase, or in disputes ranging from title defects to contract disagreements.

If you have been arrested on serious felony or misdemeanor charges, you want someone with experience. It is very important to retain legal counsel early in the investigation of a criminal matter as statements made in the early stages of a criminal investigation often have a significant impact on the ultimate resolution of the case. As a criminal defense attorney, I have represented clients in hundreds of trials and thousands of hearings. The complexity of the criminal justice system may intimidate you, but it won’t faze me. I aggressively and zealously represent all of my clients so as to protect and assert all of their legal rights, in and out of court.

The best estate plans take a long term approach. I advise clients on the best methods for preserving their estates and providing for their children and grandchildren.

For an experienced attorney, contact my Port Clinton law office to schedule a consultation.